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Salado, TX

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<font size=large><B>Diagnostic Tools & Instruments, Adapters, and Accessories</B></font>

Diagnostic Tools & Instruments, Adapters, and Accessories

Electronic Tools that help Technicians diagnose and/or understand HVAC-R Systems. Includes: ZebraStat, Variable Speed Zebra, UZ-1, and others.

<font size=large><B>Circuit Protection Products</B></font>

Circuit Protection Products

Circuit Protection Products include Plastic Fuses and Fuseholders Glass Fuses and Fuseholders Circuit Breaker Kits Resettable Fuse Kits

<font size=large><B>ECM Devices, Surge Protection Products, and Accessories</B></font>

ECM Devices, Surge Protection Products, and Accessories

Surge Protection and Repair Kits, ECM (Variable Speed) Motors,
Unit Surge Protection, and Other Motor Protectors

<font size=large><B>Alligator Lead Sets</B></font><br />

Alligator Lead Sets

High-Quality Alligator Lead sets. The clips are SOLDERED onto the wires, not just crimped.
Select from Small (6A), Medium (15A), or Large (30A).

<font size=large><B>Safety Power Adapters</B></font><br />

Safety Power Adapters

Safety Power Taps and Supply Cordsets, featuring LIGHTED ends to indicate voltage levels/presence, as well as fuse protection for safety.

<font size=large><B>Product Flyers </B></font><br />

Product Flyers

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